Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dragon Con update

This years Dragon*Con has come and gone, and though we were unable to attend we will be shooting for the 2009 con. We did see a report from the con about CV and a Question and Answer session Steve Sansweet hosted. The following story came from

Saturday at Dragon*Con is usually one of the busiest, and this year proved no differently for the "Star Wars" track. Cartoon Network sponsored Steve Sansweet of Lucasfilm Fan Relations, who answered questions from fans, including the all important "when and where is C5?"

According to Sansweet, Lucasfilm is looking at 2010 for Celebration 5 and are looking at locations in the midwest and eastern United States. No specifics were given, but he did indicate not to expect any announcements soon.

2010 would make an AMAZING CV since that would be the 30th anniversary year for The Empire Strikes Back (my favorite of the trilogy)

We will keep posting more information throughout the time till whenever CV is Officially annouced!