Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Small Update since Celebration Japan and SDCC'08

We waited for both of these major events to be over with before sending another email to Steve Sansweet since we knew he would be very busy at both events.

Our basic question was what can we do to show support for Orlando that would not be seen as a negative to Lucasfilm (i.e. mass emails phone calls etc)

He stated the currently they are not even close to making a decision and that there is nothing we can do as of yet till timelines are in place etc. They know that there is a large amount of support for Orlando to host CV and stated that he would let us know if and when they would need help down the road.

This doesn't mean this site is going away or not going to get update. This site will keep going until the host city is annouced. For right now we will have to wait and see.

May the Force be with Orlando!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Blog featured in the Orlando Business Journal

The blog was featured in today's Orlando Business Journal both via print and online form. The partial article can be found here (subscription service required to view full article) Thanks to Orlando Business Journal for the support

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Steve Sansweet email

I sent an email to Steve Sansweet regarding the article in the Baltimore business journal and told him of this blog and the fact that we feel Orlando should be the host city for Celebration V. He wrote back the following.

"Thanks Mike--
I appreciate your passion on this issue. We really are quite a way from making ANY decisions.


I have asked Steve what is the Best way that we the fans can voice our support for the city of Orlando. Just like the Olympics it takes time for a city to get picked but we want to show support for Orlando to be given the honor to host Star Wars Celebration 5

Boba Fett likes the idea of Celebration V in Orlando

Since the news broke about Orlando being in the running we have sent emails out to allot of people covering from local county officials, local comic stores, lucasfilm and star wars celebrities. This morning we received a reply back from an email we sent Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) off his Official Website

"Sounds like a good idea - I will certainly mention it to the powers that be! Jeremy"

For those of us who have met Mr Bulloch know how fan friendly he is and all around awesome guy! Thanks for the support Jeremy.

TF.NET article

I never saw this to happen I sent an email to tf.net letting them know of the online campaign we have started and would you believe it they posted the news Thanks tf.net

C5: News And Rumors
Posted By Dustin on July 9, 2008

Things are looking up in for Celebration 5 being in the mid-west or on the east coast. An article from the Baltimore Business Journal quotes Steve Sansweet that Baltimore is indeed on the list of cities being considered.

The cities mentioned on the list include:


Click here for the full read!

UPDATE: An online grassroots campaign has popped up to champion Orlando, FL as the host city for CV. Click here to check it out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Celebration 5 rumors

tf.net has an article about celebration 5 and the cities that are in the running. The list of cities is as follows


Cast your vote and email Orange County and Lucasfilm and let them know Orlando is ready to host the next Star Wars Celebration.