Thursday, August 28, 2008

More systems join our cause

We know its been a few weeks since our last update post but between work seeing clone wars opening night and general life things have been a little busy.

But not to busy to find a wonderful group of Star Wars enthusiast here in Orlando who share the same view for CV to come to Orlando. Yesterday we attended the Orlando Star Wars fan force meeting for the Orlando System and we were welcomed and treated to some wonderful collectibles and stories of encounters with some of our favorite star wars celebrities.

In the midst of the meeting we discussed Orlando' chances to host Celebration 5 and what can we do to show our support. It was agreed at the meeting that there would be a partnership between this blog site and the Orlando System facebook CV site to bring more information to the masses and also show Lucasfilm the unity that we share as fans.

So with that being said if you have a facebook account please feel free to join the group on there to show your support and look for more information to come from both channels as we all work to bring the next major Star Wars event to Orlando!

Take Care and May The Force Be With Orlando!